Paradigm Fund. In chaos lies the truth


Paradigm Fund combines both fundamental research constantly following day-to-day operations of cryptonetworks and quantative finance techniques to provide investors with exposure to state-of-the-art technologies and optimal risk-reward strategy in the evolving asset class.

6 years of full-time experience in the crypto industry allowed us to formulate a stable strategy outperforming industry benchmark and reducing risk. Join us in an unforgettable journey into the alternative financial system.


David Kavazi

Co-founder at Paradigm Fund and Head of Strategy at Citadel. His educational background combines History, Ethnology, Diplomacy, Political Science and Global Economy, all highly applicable to cryptonetwork analysis. Founding 4 IT consumer applications and managing a VC family fund for 5 years he encompassed great experience in venture projects assessment. Graduated from MGIMO, Faculty of International Relations.

Victor Smirnov

Co-founder at Paradigm Fund and Head of Deep Analysis at Citadel. With background of founding numerous successful IT-projects and managing a VC family fund. Has prominent knowledge in Economics, Finance, Management and Neuroscience. Studied International Economic Relations at MGIMO.

Alex Falko

Co-founder of Paradigm Fund and CFO at Citadel with background in Economics and Law. Bitcoin evangelist and entrepreneur investing in crypto space since 2013. His main focus is market macro analysis, fundamental analysis and long-term value research. M.S. in Law at BSU.

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